At 421 Brew House we are dedicated to thinking global and acting local. What that means for us, is to offer a coffee sourced from sustainable farms. We pay fair trade prices for our beans and are trying to reduce our environmental impact on a global scale, while providing great coffee that is locally available.

The key to great coffee starts at the source: The Farms.


We work with independently owned farms that deliver high quality beans and are reducing their environmental impact. While sun-grown coffee has higher yields, it is a monoculture system that has an adverse effect on the environment. The farms use shade-grown methods, which is a more traditional approach to cultivating coffee. The coffee trees are grown under a canopy of different species. This plant biodiversity has a number of positive effects on the crops. The diversity of microbes in the soil increase the rate nutrients are cycled back to the crops. This increases the soil quality and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, which can mix with water and end up in rivers and oceans, where they can be toxic. The diversity of plants increases the resistance to pests and disease and creates habitat for pollinators and birds, which are a natural form of pest control and eliminate the need for chemical pesticides. The shade reduces water evaporation, which means less is needed for the crops. The farms use recycled rainwater, solar power, and promote coexistence with nature.



The farmers hand-pick the ripest cherries, which allow the unripe coffee cherries time to develop. This allows a longer harvest and ensures a better overall product for the consumer. We pay the farmers fair prices for their time and effort. We pay approximately eight times more than the current c-market (global commodities market) prices for coffee ($0.94USD/lb.)



421 Brew House has a basic roasting philosophy - great coffee shouldn't be complicated. You shouldn't need to be a professional or use professional brewing equipment to enjoy a cup of coffee. You don’t need to use half a bag of coffee to find a perfect balance of water, coffee, temperature, and time. Flavours should be easily identifiable and brew methods should be versatile.

We applied this mentality to our roasting process and small batch, artisan roast our coffee, 5lbs at a time. By doing this we are able to deliver an accessible coffee you don't need to be a barista to brew or a sommelier to enjoy. Smaller roast sizes ensure the perfect roast every time. We know one company can't change the world, not overnight anyway. At 421 Brew House, we are always thinking about how our choices ripple out and affect things on a global scale.