When do you roast the beans?
We roast our coffee every week and stamp both the roast and pack date on each bag before shipping. This way you always get the freshest coffee!

How much coffee do I get?
Each of our zip pouches contains 12oz (340g) of coffee, which should make about 22 cups, depending on how strong you like it.

Will you grind my coffee?
Yes! There is an option at check out for either whole bean or ground.

Why don't you offer free shipping?
I know many other online coffee retailers offer free shipping on their coffee, but the fact of the matter is the shipping isn't free. If they are selling you a $20 bag of coffee with 'free shipping', the extra shipping cost is actually included in the price of the coffee. Many of these retailers will use cheaper coffee (either poor quality or not fair trade beans), or reduce the amount of coffee you get (we have seen some places that sell you 2oz of coffee for $20, but don't worry - the shipping is free!), to balance out their costs. Here you get the highest quality coffee, without cutting corners to offer ‘free shipping’.

Will you donate to, or sponsor my event?
please contact us info@421brewhouse.com and we can talk more.

Do you wholesale coffee?
we can make arrangements for wholesale, please contact us info@421brewhouse.com

Are the farmers fairly paid?
Yes, at 421 Brewhouse we have chosen to work exclusively with farms that are producing a high quality bean, as well as using sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices. We ensure the farmers are being paid a fair wage for the work they are doing.

How do I know what your darkest roast is?
At 421 Brewhouse we are crafting artisan coffee and have chosen to shy away from the traditional 'light', 'medium', and 'dark' roasts, as they don't really do justice to the flavor profiles of our beans. For comparison, the lightest roast at a major coffee chain will be darker than our darkest.